No Practice on Monday 3/27

There will be no practice on Monday 3/27/17. No, it isn’t because of dirty sneakers. Thank you for keeping the Crossfit floor clean for most of last week. Anyway, it’s going to be rainy, cold, dark and generally yucky tomorrow morning. A lot of you have been sick, tired, hurt, too busy, or all of the above. So, let’s take tomorrow off to rest, recover, and get pumped for being on the water on Tuesday.

Everyone should stretch tomorrow, and then use your judgement to decide if you want to do more. If you feel good, do a steady state. If you feel great, do something more intense. My suggestion is 15 mins on any piece of equipment or running, 5 x (2 mins really hard, almost sprinting, 1 min less hard but still intense). Do a good warm up and cool down.

See you on Tuesday, READY TO ROW!


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